Sample PR Plan

Executive Summary

The United Way Mobile Market, chock full of tasty and fresh fruits and vegetables, has been making stops around the Terre Haute community for many months offering fresh and affordable produce to those who may not normally have access to it. The Mobile Market, which has been in existence for some time, is nearly unknown to the community that it hopes to serve. Associated mostly with the elderly and nursing homes, the Mobile Market is in desperate need of a refreshing campaign to welcome local youth to visit their farm stand on wheels. The goal of our PR campaign is to raise awareness for the Mobile Market by creating and posting flyers, running radio PSAs, and creating a Twitter page with a consistent hashtag in order to reach college students. It is also our goal to let the students know that the Mobile Market is an easy way to eat #FreshOnTheGo for a cheaper price and shorter distance than it would take to visit the local supermarket. All of these carefully calibrated methods will be used to calculate the overall success of our campaign and will only serve to benefit the United Way Mobile Market. While our campaign will only last until May 7, it is our hope that through this rebranding of the Mobile Market consumers will continue to shop on-the-go for many years to come.

Situation Analysis

The Mobile Market isn’t well known to college students and would like students to be aware of the fresh, healthy and affordable food they offer. The issue on hand is that Indiana State University will not let The Mobile Market park their trailer anywhere on campus which creates difficulty for students to have easy access to The Mobile Market. The company isn’t very big and with trying to increase the awareness about The Mobile Market to college students will not only benefit the students but the company itself.


Working with United Way Mobile Market is a way for our group to help Indiana State students gain access to fruits and vegetables at a reasonable cost. Our goals are to increase awareness and allow ISU students better access to fresh foods. We aspire to successfully inform students of the Mobile Market and the easy access it offers. It is essential that they understand how much cheaper the Mobile Market is compared to the leading grocery stores located in Terre Haute. Our group will work thoroughly to enlighten ISU students of the Mobile Market and the benefits it offers. We have many objectives we seek to accomplish by the end of this project, the largest of which is connecting ISU students with the Mobile Market and making it easier for them to access affordable fruits and vegetables.

Target Audience

Our target audience for The Mobile Market is college students and low-income families within Terre Haute. College students are usually short on money and are always looking for good deals. Many students prefer not to eat the food on campus because it is unhealthy and unsatisfying. Low-income families could also benefit from the Mobile Market because it’s great food at a great price. Getting the word out about the Mobile Market will make more individuals aware of an affordable place to purchase fresh and healthy food!

Key Messages

The Wabash Valley Mobile Market is always on the go sending different messages, but one common key message we want to promote is healthy eating. To college students with a very fast moving life style we want to promote convenient, affordable, healthy eating on the go. With the Mobile Market within walking distance, students can shop in between classes, work, or other events they have during the day. They can stop by and grab something quick and healthy instead of fast food. Not only does the Mobile Market allow students to buy affordable foods, but the Mobile Market is also available to low-income families in the Terre Haute community. With the Mobile Market bringing both communities together, it gives everyone the opportunity for a healthier lifestyle.


In order to get the word out about the United Way Mobile Market, our group came up with a few different ideas to promote it. The first strategy we came up with was a flier to post all over Indiana State University’s campus and in downtown Terre Haute. The flier will be eye-catching and informative, with the United Way’s logo and information posted on it. Our group has also created a hashtag, #FreshOnTheGo, which we will use on Twitter and post about where the Mobile Market will be on what days. The Indiana State radio station, WZIS 90.7, will also be involved with the promotion of the Mobile Market. A radio PSA will be played on the station once every hour during daytime hours, to ensure that multiple listeners will know about United Way Mobile Market.


College students on and off campus may have a hard time finding healthy foods within their budget. Low income families in downtown Terre Haute may also have problems when trying to find healthy alternatives for their children, spouses, etc. We are collaborating with ISU’s police department to find a location on ISU’s campus for the Wabash Valley Mobile Market to park while selling their fresh fruits and vegetables. Below are the tactics we have taken to make the Mobile Market known to those living on or near ISU’s campus.

Creating the Flyer:
The flyer was created by a student on campus in the student marketing department. The flyer will be posted in high trafficked locations on campus. The flyer explains what the Mobile Market is, what it sells, how payments can be made and where to find more information. The flyer includes the hashtag #freshonthego. The purpose of the hashtag is to make the flyer more relatable to the demographic it is being pitched to. The flyer lists some of the options available in the Mobile Market. The flyer is an eye-catching pink color, which was chosen because it will stand out from other traditional flyers. The flyer is also easy to read and enjoyable to look at.

Live Read for Radio DJ Show:
WZIS is collaborating with us to get the word out about the Wabash Valley Mobile Market. We were connected by group member Bailey Halberstadt, who is an employee at WISU. Halberstadt also wrote the script for the on-air reading. This tactic also works for the families that live in downtown Terre Haute since the radio station broadcasts to all of Terre Haute. Below is the script for the PSA.

“The Wabash Valley Mobile Market is making stops around the Terre Haute community! The Mobile Market offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price for those who may not otherwise have access to it. Patrons can pay with cash, credit or debit cards, and food stamps at any of the Mobile Markets’ stops! Catch the Mobile Market at one of their weekly stops by checking out their schedule to find a stop close to you at or by liking “Wabash Valley Mobile Market” on Facebook!”

Events Shown on ISU Calendar:
Even though the Wabash Valley United Way has a calendar on their website of where they will be on certain days, however we wanted to make it available on ISU’s calendar. We will work with ISU’s Event Coordinators to add the dates, times and location the Mobile Market will be available on ISU’s campus.


There is no money being funded towards our campaign so our mission is to utilize our creative minds to think of ideas that we can use to promote our organization. We are seeking out peers that can help us promote our organization for free. We are currently working with one peer on the design of our flyers, which only leaves our group responsible for printing off the flyers. Printing off the flyers will not cost our group any money since our print money is already included in our tuition and given out by the university each semester.


Our goal for this campaign is to increase awareness to the students at Indiana State University about the Mobile Market. In order to achieve this goal, we will measure surveys taken by students currently enrolled at the university prior to implementing our campaign as well as after. Our group will also create a hash-tag, with the help of the United Way of the Wabash Valley, to measure the awareness of the mobile market. The group will look to see how many times the hash-tag was used between now and the first week of May. Our group believes that both these measurements will increase the awareness of the mobile market and encourage students to eat fresh on the go. These methods of measurement will also help us to evaluate our public’s attitudes towards the Mobile Market as a result of our efforts.


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