My promise

I promise to be an asset to any organization with the moral standard of a truthful business. As a part of your company, I promise to be committed and firmly rooted in the ideals that have been established. I offer these five ethical concepts that I believe are essential to the standards of any organization or business.

Code of Ethics

Truth: an indisputable fact that implies honesty

When given the opportunity I will always tell the truth. The consequence of a lie far outweighs the consequence of a truth. The truth must always be voiced in a timely manner, without delay or embellishment. The truth should not damage a client but only help when damage has been done.

Understanding: using intelligence to comprehend and build relationships

When dealing with a client I intend to fully understand what they wish to communicate to their audience and myself. Their product/company is the most important aspect and understanding it fully will only aid in assisting them in their endeavors.

Loyalty: commitment

I will be committed to the company as well as the clients. All members will receive the same treatment as well as a guarantee of faithfulness. Clients will be assured privacy in all manners that refer to their business/organization, unless it involves something that must be shared with the public to save the reputations of those involved, especially the client.

Disposition: pleasant characteristics that are supportive of others

I will always be pleasant toward the client. No situation can be dealt with in bad character. It is important to keep the client in good spirits. They must be able to trust the company and this can only happen if they are treated with respect and grace.

Professionalism: a high standing promoting professional character

I will have professional approach to every situation and client that I am given. This also means to treat the client with respect and as an equal, not just a customer. I will strive to be an expert of all of the areas the client needs me to be. The client will always be my top priority and will receive my complete attention and guidance.

Definitions of the Code of Ethics were inspired by

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