Is LinkedIn Good for Professionalism?

 ChimpLearnGood via Compfight cc

ChimpLearnGood via Compfight cc

LinkedIn is a professional network that connects individuals in the business world from bakers to billionaires. There are currently more than 300 million members using the site today. However, having a multitude of members doesn’t make a social media site productive or significant. The question, “is LinkedIn a useful tool for professional development?”

There are good and bad qualities to LinkedIn. The main quality that stands above the rest is the networking. A member can meet anyone from any state or country and connect with them. This can build great business relationships and connect with others for future career options. In addition, LinkedIn is primarily used to promote professionalism. There isn’t constant advertisements and pop-ups, there aren’t any videos of cats, and there are no people explaining how awesome their lunch was that day. It was invented purely for those who want to connect with business professionals and create interest in themselves or their business to others. Also members can join groups and build additional relationships based on shared interests.

Though few, there are negative qualities to LinkedIn. A source from used LinkedIn for her company and brought forth a valid point about the site: you are connecting with strangers. Yes, there are people you may personally know, but many connections made are with people who have never met. This is not necessarily bad, but it could be. However in a professional light, these “strangers” could be potential employers, co-workers, or business partners. The privacy of LinkedIn can be both good and bad. Making an account private keeps members safe but also may drive other professionals away from viewing you as a prospective source.

LinkedIn is the most popular professional website on the market today. The connections made from the site can be a useful tool for anyone, including a sophomore in college.


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Hello, my name is Kayla. I am currently attending Indiana State University. I will be majoring in Communication with concentration in Public Relations. I plan to minor in Language Studies. I am a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Golden Key International Honour Society, and PRSSA. In the future my goal is to have a job in Indiana. However I would be delighted to travel for any company. My dream is to work for the growing fitness industry. I would also be interested in working with health professionals. I am creative and have a passion for health and fitness which will help reach my goals.
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4 Responses to Is LinkedIn Good for Professionalism?

  1. leiselyoung says:

    I agree that LinkedIn is a great tool for making professional connections. At first, I was reluctant to join and didn’t see its benefits, but now I definitely see the importance of having an active, up-to-date account. Already, as I am sure you have, I have had business professionals look at my profile and contact me. Who would have thought that a social media site could be so helpful?


  2. pgibbons8 says:

    I see the point that you are raising here by saying that it may not be a good thing to connect with random strangers, however I believe that this is also a positive thing about LinkedIn. Just by adding a connection with a random person they may view your profile and like what they see and offer you a job or internship. This is one of the best things about Linked in I feel like. I also agree with you with the adds. LinkedIn definitely limits these which is different than many other social media websites


  3. I am in total agreement with you as well as the others about LinkedIn professionalism. However, I feel you should only connect with people who you think will benefit you in some way. Adding a complete stranger is alright, if you think they have something to offer you or vice versa. I connected with someone at random just to test it out. The guy messaged me upon request and said he was a photographer. This was great for me because I have been looking for someone to capture some of me and my daughter moments outdoors. Hopefully, I will set up a date! Once I get adjusted to LinkedIn, I just might become addicted (lol)!


  4. I really agree with you on that Linked-In can be a both a good and bad thing. I know for me personally that it has been difficult letting people I do not know connect with me and even the other way around. I guess in this situation all you can do is trust and as hard as that is millions of people find great jobs and great people to that help them. Getting a job is all about networking today and who you know. If connecting with strangers now is going to help me land the job of my dreams then why not have some faith and let it happen.


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